Life Settlements Can Provide You With Sales Opportunities

Life settlements provide your clients with the opportunity to monetize an unwanted or unneeded asset.  The life settlement market often provides 4–5 times the surrender value of the life insurance policy.

Consider the following Life Settlement case study:

Selling Life Insurance Policies - Magna Life Settlement

Here the client no longer needed the life insurance, and was going to have to pay a large premium to keep it in force.  Rather than accept $53k in surrender from the insurance company, the client received nearly $250k for the policy through a life settlement. This freed up the client from paying future premiums as well.

This creation of liquidity in a client portfolio can provide an adviser with an opportunity to consider other products that might be more appropriate for the client portfolio.  Moreover, educating your client about the life settlement market is the right thing to do.

A recent study by ICR Customer Market Research shows that 55% of seniors have lapsed a life insurance policy, and that 90% of them would have considered a life settlement had they known about the market.  That study also showed that 79% of clients feel that their advisers should inform them about the life settlement option.  Those advisers with designations such as the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) also should consider the fiduciary obligation to help clients understand all options.

Do not miss an opportunity to create liquidity for your client through a life settlement. 

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†California Insurance Code §10113.2.(j) and New Hampshire statute 408-D:8 Life Insurer Disclosure to Viator

The Magna Life Settlement Closing Process

Magna believes in the importance of a streamlined closing process. Magna must utilizes state-approved contracts and conducts rigorous due diligence.  To see how much your Life Settlement is worth – checkout our Life Settlement Calculator today!

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