New Calculator Helps Financial Professionals Guide Clients Through Life Settlements

magna life settlement calculator results 1024x831 - New Calculator Helps Financial Professionals Guide Clients Through Life SettlementsFinancial professionals feel a responsibility to keep up with new developments in their industry, but often the volume of information can be overwhelming. With its new agent calculator, Magna Life Settlements aims to help simplify the process for life insurance agents and wealth advisors who are dedicated to helping seniors determine whether they should pursue a life settlement.

Based on an algorithm developed by Magna’s team of data scientists and engineers, the agent calculator provides a unique price curve for an individual’s insurance policy. The determination of a potential settlement payout comes from a database of thousands of market policies, and the size of the data sample provides an informed estimate. The calculator is a time saver for agents and clients alike, because it provides a fast indicator of potential settlement value before requesting more extensive information for an in-force illustration, a process that takes seven to fourteen days.

For a wealth advisor or insurance agent to use the life settlement calculator, he or she will go through a few steps:

First, share your name and contact information. Next, provide details about your client’s life insurance policy. After entering that data, you’ll receive a response from Magna informing you of how much your client’s policy might be worth in a sale. The next step is to preview that estimate, known as a Life Settlement Evaluation. Finally Magna provides a simple way to share that evaluation directly with your client: via print or email.

Try our new proprietary tool and see how the calculation of a unique settlement estimate can pave the way for an educated decision that will assist you in optimizing your client’s retirement income.

Magna Life Settlements Staff

Magna Life Settlements Staff

Magna Life Settlements is the leading life settlement provider. Magna pays people cash for their life insurance policy from the convenience of their own home online. Our team has decades of financial experience, and are dedicated to helping those in need. Many people have no idea just how valuable their life insurance policy is when they surrender or lapse it, and so many policies today are just given up because of inability to pay the premiums. If you fit our criteria you may be able to receive real value for something you felt had become a burden.

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