Privacy Policy

Magna Life Settlements, Inc. (hereafter the “Company”) respects all individual rights of privacy.  The Company understands and shares public concerns regarding the use and protection of nonpublic personal information and is committed to restricting the use and disclosure of such information as required under applicable law to the extent that it comes into the possession of the Company. The Company recognizes and complies with its obligations to maintain confidentiality of all personal, financial, health and medical information received from or pertaining to life settlors and insured individuals in connection with the Company’s consideration of proposals, offers and/ or agreements to purchase life insurance policies in the ordinary course of its business.

In consideration of proposals or offers for sale of life insurance policies, certain types of nonpublic personal information must be obtained by the Company from the life settlors and insured individuals.  This information is provided to the Company on forms completed by the life settlors and insured individuals, which their Agent/ Broker then forwards to the Company.  The following Notice, in compliance with the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (hereafter “GLBA,”) describes the Company’s policies and procedures regarding the treatment and handling of this nonpublic personal information.

What Types of Information Does the Company Receive Regarding the Life Settlors and Insured Individuals?

The information received by the Company includes, but is not limited to:

How Does the Company Use the Information that It Collects About the Life Settlors and Insured Individuals?

Who Has Access to the Information Once It Is Submitted to the Company?

What Happens if a Policy is Later Transferred by the Company?

Will the Company Share Information with Affiliated or Non-Affiliated Companies?

Is this Privacy Policy Subject to Changes?
Yes.  The Company reserves the right to amend, revise or supplement this notice of privacy policies at any time.  In the event of such changes, the Company will deliver a revised notice of our privacy policies as required by applicable law.  Please direct all questions regarding this notice in writing to Magna Life Settlements, Inc. 835 West 6th Street, Suite 1400 Austin, TX 78703.

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