Knowledge, Opportunity and Guidance: The New Magna Brand

We have exciting news to share: Magna Life Settlements has a brand new look!

Since Magna began more than 14 years ago, our team has been dedicated to educating life policy owners and their advocates about the living benefits life insurance holds. This year, as we grow our team and expand our horizons, we decided it was time to align Magna’s brand identity with our core purpose:

We create financial opportunities for a better life now by utilizing an unexpected asset – life insurance.

How We Rebranded

With the help of a talented, strategic design studio, we got to work bringing Magna’s core values to life. After months of strategizing and analyzing the imagery, colors, fonts and logos that could accurately represent our mission, we landed on the right combination to embody the new Magna brand. The end result? A fresh new look that provides a lasting foundation for our brand identity.

Magna Life Settlements rebranding strategy session

Collaboration session with our design studio.

Magna’s core value since we began in 2004 revolves around guidance, which is why our new logo includes a nod to a consistent, life-giving and guiding force in the lives of our clients: the sun. At the core of Magna’s spirit and success are industry knowledge and expertise. Everything else radiates out from that point. The outcome of our core knowledge and expertise is opportunity, which is represented in the sun rays. The synthesis of our knowledge and the opportunity that it manifests is dynamic, unique and 100% integrated. This results in unique expertise that provides a platform for guidance.


Magna Life Settlements Logo Concept

Our Color Palette

For many years we associated the Magna brand with an orange, gray and black color palette. In an effort to align ourselves more closely with our parent company, Vida Capital, we developed a new palette that complemented Vida’s cool blues, whites and grays. We ended up with a mix of warm and cool tones that work in harmony and contrast to evoke emotions of hope and trust, newness and expertise.

Magna Life Settlements Color Palette

Magna’s New Brand in Action

After aligning the look of our brand to Magna’s core values, we put our brand to work by refreshing our website and updating our marketing materials.

Magna Life Settlements Website -

Magna Life Settlements Branding Materials

Magna Life Settlements’ Mission

To us, branding is more than beautiful design. It’s a way to show policy owners and their advocates who we are and what we stand for:

– We offer our financial solutions that one might not have known were available to them.

– We approach each policy owner with sensitivity, realizing that a life settlement is a financial transaction that is personally felt.

– We educate policy owners about the benefits available now from their life insurance, either from an investment or settlement standpoint.

– We have a solid reputation, an extensive portfolio, are backed by a proven entity and are a licensed provider in each of the 43 states where regulations require it, allowing us to serve all 50 states.

Thank you for celebrating Magna’s new brand identity with us and if you’re ready to find out the value of your life insurance, please visit our Life Settlements Calculator to receive an estimate.

Magna Life Settlements Staff

Magna Life Settlements Staff

Magna Life Settlements is the leading life settlement provider. Magna pays people cash for their life insurance policy from the convenience of their own home online. Our team has decades of financial experience, and are dedicated to helping those in need. Many people have no idea just how valuable their life insurance policy is when they surrender or lapse it, and so many policies today are just given up because of inability to pay the premiums. If you fit our criteria you may be able to receive real value for something you felt had become a burden.

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