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Has Your Life Insurance Policy Become a Liability?

Many senior Americans are stuck paying premiums on a life insurance policy that no longer serves their needs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a life settlement, that burdensome policy can be transformed from a liability into an asset, and a situation that usually favors the insurance company can shift to provide a windfall for the policyholder.

This paper includes key points about the life settlement option, including:

  • The truth about the rising cost of insurance (COI) in the later years of a policy and the
    risk that prohibitive premiums and ever higher COI could deplete any benefit of the
  • Facts about recent changes to the tax codes that significantly raise the threshold for
    taxable transfer of wealth at the time of death, increasing a life insurance policy’s tax
    basis and usually making more money available in a life settlement.
  • An explanation of how the life settlement option can flip the script on an onerous life
    insurance policy and turn it into an unexpected source of wealth to help pay retirement

You can’t afford to stay in the dark about life settlements and their potential benefits. To learn more about your options and read this white paper in its entirety, complete the form.

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