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Life Settlement Industry Report

The dynamic nature of the life settlement market guided the creation of a comprehensive Life Settlement Industry Report. To present the landscape of the life settlement market as a whole, this report relies on growth data over the past four years as well as the increasingly competitive nature of the industry. A thorough discussion of the three types of risk associated with life settlements helps flesh out the portrait of the settlement market, and a summary of trends in the industry casts an eye toward the promising future of the industry.

Among the key findings in the industry report:

  • The growth of the life settlement industry has surpassed the predictions of forecasters. Whereas a 2016 Conning report projected an annual growth of 1 to 2 percent, the market has actually grown an average of 34 percent over the past few years.
  • With an aging population and lengthening life spans, retirement costs and the prohibitive price of long-term care necessitate options like the life settlement that can increase a senior’s disposable income.
  • Many people in their retirement years struggle with monthly expenses but hold wealth in non-liquid assets like a house, land, securities or a life insurance policy. When an insurance policy is no longer serving their needs, it can be converted into cash flow through a cash settlement to ease the retirement burden.

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