The Proformex Platform: An accelerated way to uncover life settlement value in your portfolio.

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How It Works

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  2. Answer a few questions to see if you qualify.

  3. Sign a consent form for a subsidy.

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Magna provides prepaid Proformex vouchers to independent agents with a portfolio containing mostly convertible term or universal life of older Americans’ policies. Find out if you qualify for a subsidized Proformex subscription today.

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How Magna Benefits Agents & How Proformex Benefits Agents

  • Value Your Current Book of Business

    Profit from a commission on the life settlement
    transaction and make legacy books more valuable

  • Deliver Long-Term Planning Strategies

    Improve client liquidity for medical, long-term care, or
    retirement expenses

  • Create Goodwill by Eliminating Cash Outlay

    Eliminate burdensome premiums on client’s unneeded
    or unwanted life insurance

  • Provide Innovative, Fresh Ideas to Clients

    Differentiate from other agents with an underutilized
    financial innovation – 86% of policies lapse

  • Automate Policy Reviews

    Reduce administrative costs and free up time

  • Track Policy Performance

    Monitor individual policy performance across 5 key parameters

  • Provide Portfolio Analytics

    Consolidate your book of business across all carriers regardless of what distribution channel the policy was written through

  • Identify New Opportunities

    Uncover life settlement opportunities as well as other opportunities in your book of business related to term conversions and lapse


Pre – Paid Voucher Explanation
Magna pre-paid vouchers are offered to agents to offset a subscription to the Proformex InForce Policy Management Software. Magna does not access confidential policy owner information.
Consent Form Explanation
To utilize these pre-paid vouchers, agents will need to consent to letting Magna have the right to match or beat any life settlement offers received for policies within the Proformex Platform.
Proformex Implementation Explanation
After the agent has given Magna consent, the pre-paid vouchers that Magna has approved for the
agent will be redeemed to Proformex to offset the agent’s subscription cost.
Proformex Onboarding Process Explanation
An Excel of basic policy information along with an agent signature release form is all that is needed.

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