Saving Money in Retirement

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The rising costs of living can make it hard for older people to make ends meet in many cases.

Many retailers and other organizations recognize this dilemma for those who may no longer be working by offering what are called senior discounts.

These are simply discounts that are given to customers who are of a certain age or older.

Items that can be discounted include meals, retail goods, services such as hair, nail or skin treatment, income tax preparation, prescription drugs, automotive repair and memberships to various types of organizations. 

When can you claim a senior discount?

Different types of senior discounts can begin at different ages. Some discounts are geared towards those who are at least 55 years old, while others may only apply to those aged 65 and above.

Some discounts may also apply to those aged 50 and above, although these are probably less common.

Older consumers who are looking for discounts will have to analyze the various ones that are available on a case-by-case basis.

For example, one grocery store may offer senior discounts to those aged 60 and above while another store may offer them to those who are at least 55.

Those who are between the ages of 55 and 60 would therefore go to the latter store to get their discount. 

What are the Best Senior Discounts?

The “best” discounts will vary from one person to another. Foodies will find restaurant discounts are perhaps the most beneficial, while travelers will pursue other types of discounts. There are many online sources that list some of the “best” discounts for seniors.  The list of discounts shown by this website with companies that begin with the letter A include:

Store Discount Eligibility 
A&W 10% off;
Present proof of age at checkout 
AMC Theatres Discounted tickets;
Present proof of age when purchasing or picking up your tickets 
American Airlines Discounted fares;
Select senior fare when booking online (by selecting passenger age) or by phone 
Amtrak 10% off select fares;
Present proof of age when booking 
Applebee’s 10% to 15% off;
Present proof of age at checkout. Some locations may require a Golden Apple card (ask your server for details) 
Arby’s 10% off or a free drink;
Present proof of age at checkout 
AT&T 10% off select plans and 15% off select accessories for AARP members, plus a discounted $29.99 Senior Nation plan for anyone 65+ 50+, 65+ 
Avis Up to 30% off rentals;
Book online or call and ask for the AARP rate 


Other examples include Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

The former retail drugstore offers a discount of 20% off virtually everything in their store for those aged 65 and up on the first Wednesday of each month.

Shoppers have to join Rite-Aid’s wellness 65+ program in order to be eligible, but membership is free.

Walgreens offers regular discounts each month of up to 20% off many of their goods and services to those aged 55 and up. But shoppers must be members of Walgreen’s balanced reward program. (And again there is no cost for this.)

What Will Senior Discounts Look Like in the Future?

The sad truth is that many retailers are phasing out their senior discounts, although a large number of them still remain.

But it may get harder to find grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants and other retailers who offer material discounts for seniors as time goes on.

So be sure to ask about possible senior discounts wherever you spend your money, because in many cases they may not be advertised.

This is especially true for places such as restaurants, drugstores, grocery stores and tangible goods or services retailers.

But online retailers such as Amazon Prime, which offers a discount to anyone with a Medicaid card also offer discounts in many cases.

Don’t be afraid to call or chat with an online retailer to find out whether they offer a discount; in some cases, they may only offer it on certain days or have other limitations on who gets discounted.

And they may not necessarily publish the details on their senior discounts anywhere online. And many hotel chains, airlines and car rental places also offer significant discounts for seniors or those who are AARP card members. 


Senior citizen discounts may be waning in the big picture, but there are still plenty of bargains to be had out there for those who are willing to take the time to find them.

Drugstores, grocery chains and the travel industry are great places to look for discounts, and many clothing stores and other retailers still offer them as well.

There may not be quite as many discounts out there now as there were 10 years ago, but you can still save big by finding out who will still let you pay less for goods and services. 


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