contract 1024x683 - Modified Endowment Contract

Modified Endowment Contract

Modified endowment contract (MEC) is a common term used in the life insurance industry. Life insurance is a popular way to protect your loved ones from a potential future loss in income. If you have a life insurance policy and premiums exceed a certain Federal limit, the policy is converted into a modified endowment contract. Read more >>

retirement blog - Top Blogs for Seniors [2020 Guide]

Top Blogs for Seniors [2020 Guide]

Newer media can offer a breadth of perspective and information beyond what one can find through old-school means. Our curated list of the top Senior Living Blogs for 2020 – features the essential information to help make the life of all seniors better. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the options for Senior Blogs, enjoy these Read more >>

What is a Life Settlement? [2019 Guide]


The origin of life settlements dates all the way back to a 1911 Supreme Court case called Grigsby v. Russell. In the 1980s selling your unneeded life insurance policy for cash became a way for people with poor health to obtain funds for medical and living expenses. In the years since, legislation and tax laws Read more >>

life settlement cash

Sell your Life Insurance Policy For Cash

Did you know that it is within your rights to sell your life insurance policy today; online from the comfort of your home with a Life Settlement? If you qualify for a Life Settlement you can sell see how much your life insurance policy is worth in seconds. Each Life Settlement company has their own Read more >>

How to Pick a Life Settlement Provider

Picking A Life Settlement Provider

In this era of Uber, crowdsourcing and customized television streaming, many seniors are also opting to eliminate the middleman for certain big financial decisions. A relationship with a trusted advisor can be incredibly valuable, but consumers who are considering a life settlement might save money and time by arranging the sale of their insurance policy Read more >>

Guide to Beneficiaries

Guide to Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are the most important part of life insurance. The purpose of life insurance is to give financial protection to your loved ones in the event you were to pass away. Because your income would to suddenly stop, life insurance pays out a lump sum to the person or people you designate. The insurance industry Read more >>

life insurance

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance forms the backbone of most middle-class financial plans. Because without this form of protection, the financial futures of many families would lie in ruins if something were to happen to the breadwinner.  What is life insurance? Life insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance protection in the world. In a nutshell, Read more >>


The Complete Guide to Annuities in 2020

Annuities have been around in one form or another since the dawn of time. They were used during the Roman Empire as retirement savings plans and have survived in one form or another until today. And they are more relevant and useful than ever, with many retirees depending on the income generated by these vehicles Read more >>

How are Life Settlements Taxed - Life Settlement Taxes

Life Settlement Taxes in 2020

Life Settlement proceeds are treated as ordinary income. Whatever the net proceeds from the transaction is valued will be taxed as ordinary income. The amount paid into the premiums will be treated as capital gains. The remaining net proceeds after taxes from surrendering the policy after should be compared to after-tax proceeds received by surrendering Read more >>

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