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Life Settlements: When Do They Work?

Misunderstanding about the life settlement market causes many seniors to disregard what can be an excellent option for an unneeded life insurance policy. Fortunately, the guidelines of life settlements and the variables that affect an individual’s eligibility for a settlement are easy to grasp, and investigating the settlement option can be a difference maker for a senior seeking extra income. This paper explains in detail the two primary factors that determine eligibility for a life settlement.

Among the key subjects covered in this paper include:

  • The two primary factors that influence a policy’s value and the advisability of a life
    settlement are the insured’s level of impairment and the cost structure of the policy.
  • Policyholders with serious health impairments won’t often be able to realize the true
    value of their policy in a surrender.
  • A life insurance policy issued at a higher rating is more likely to fetch a high life
    settlement amount than one that was issued with a less favorable cost structure.

Eligibility for life settlements does vary depending on the structure of the policy and the health of the insured, and this paper details the specifics of those variables. Fill out the form to read the paper in its entirety.


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