What are the Top Blogs for Seniors?

Newer media can offer a breadth of perspective and information beyond what one can find through old-school means.

Our curated list of the top Senior Living Blogs for 2020 – features the essential information to help make the life of all seniors better.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the options for Senior Blogs, enjoy these best retirement blogs and blogs for seniors that provide informative, relevant, and entertaining content for seniors.

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Finance Blogs for Seniors

Money and personal finance are among the most important topics for seniors. Money changes quite a bit during retirement, and living on a fixed income can take some adjusting. These blogs come from retirees, financial advisors, and organizations with a major focus on helping seniors succeed with their money.

Can I Retire Yet?: Winner of the 2019 Plutus Award for Best Retirement Blog, this excellent resource looks at retirement savings and investments and how to manage your money when retired. Written by early retirees who quit work at 41 and 50 years old, this writing team is a fountain of knowledge of smart money management in early retirement, though the info applies just as well to traditional retirement plans.

The Chicago Financial Planner: With decades of experience as a financial advisor, Roger Wohlner knows a thing or two about planning for retirement. Based in Chicago, Wohlner has experience managing money for smart clients who prefer the help of a seasoned veteran at the helm of their finances. If you want to better understand how to plan for your financial future in retirement, add this site to your regular reading list.

Social Security Intelligence: Nominated for the 2019 Plutus Award for Best Retirement Blog, Social Security Intelligence helps readers navigate the complex world of Social Security benefits. As a major part of most people’s retirement plans, learning more about Social Security is always a good thing. Become an expert by reading this site’s informative articles.

Kristen Edens: If you are interested in running your own business during your golden years, author Kristen Edens is a great guide. Nominated for a 2019 Plutus Award for the Best Personal Finance Blog for Gen X or Baby Boomers, this blog has been recognized as a leader in helping people thrive with their money during major life transitions.

AARP The Perfect Scam: If you have not yet discovered podcasts, they are like a blog for your ears. You can subscribe to The Perfect Scam from AARP using your phone or listen on your computer. Co-hosted by Frank Abagnale of Catch Me If You Can fame, this show teaches listeners of all ages how to avoid common financial scams, many of which target older Americans.

Squared Away: Administered by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, this blog features articles on the most current financial research that can impact seniors, as well as extensive analysis on everything from retirement trends to new financial products for seniors. With a clean look and a foundation in trusted, academic sources, this blog will help retirees answer a range of personal finance questions.

Magna Life Settlements Blog: We may be a little biased, but we work hard to make the Magna Life blog from Magna Life Settlements a top financial resource for seniors. While financial topics are the main focus, others include discussions of lifestyle and care topics, just like this one! Follow Magna on your favorite social media app to get updates when new posts are released!

Travel Blogs for Seniors

Retirement doesn’t mean sitting around watching The Price is Right and Judge Judy all day. Many seniors use their retirement as a time to travel within their home state, around the US, and across the world. Wherever you want to go, these entertaining travel blogs will help make it happen.

The Gypsy Nesters: This empty-nester couple looks at their empty nest as a free pass to travel. Learn all about how this fun duo travels the world, destination reviews, and stories about how to visit and travel with adult children.

My Itchy Travel Feet: This site, subtitled, “The Baby Boomer’s Guide To Travel,” features detailed articles about domestic and international travel destinations, customized for seniors. For the past decade, seasoned travelers Donna and Alan Hull have chronicled their own adventures and also reported on topics like necessary travel gear for retirees, options for group tours or other organized excursions and the latest online travel deals.

Travel Past 50: Tom and Kris are former print publishers who retired, sold their house, and now spend their days exploring the world. Get insightful, picturesque views into traveling through both popular cities and areas off the beaten trail. Wherever you’re going and however you plan to explore, including hiking, cycling, and flying, you can learn a lot about making it more fun and comfortable here.

Life Part 2: This blog features the tagline “Live Your Dream. Don’t Waste Your Retirement.” We couldn’t agree more! Jonathan and Sarah met as independent, retired travelers from different countries. After connecting in Thailand, they teamed up to travel the world as a duo. Follow these adventurous globetrotters and learn about some of the best places to visit, including some for longer-term stays.

Retired and Travelling: This semi-retired couple spends about half of each year on the road going to places on many people’s bucket lists. They have a storied history and includes great photography in fun and educational articles.

The Roaming Boomers: Few people know how to travel better than travel agents. At age 50, this pair sold a family business and moved to Arizona, just before losing much of their life saving in the 2008 stock market collapse. In a second career as a travel agent, David reestablished himself and explores the world with his wife looking for travel opportunities for Boomers. Cruises, European vacations, and travel around the United States are all major focus areas for this blog.

Health and Lifestyle Blogs for Seniors

Aging sometimes means coping with new healthcare and lifestyle challenges that were not an issue before. These blogs have a focus on healthcare and lifestyle for both seniors and family members providing care to a loved one. These sites tend to be uplifting and helpful if you’re looking to learn more about maintaining independence, dignity, health, and care needs.

The New Old Age: Any blog published by the New York Times can be trusted for accurate and quality information, and this column by Times writer Paula Span covers everything from changes in Medicare and Social Security to specific medical issues for an aging population to current events like the potential concerns with gun ownership by seniors.

Minding Our Elders: Aimed at caregivers and the seniors they care for, this site explores the challenges and joys of eldercare with insight and heart. Founder Carol Bradley Bursack examines everything from caregiver guilt and isolation to ideas for helping seniors preserve their independence and dignity. Recent posts include, “Valentine’s Day: Celebrating When A Loved One Has Dementia” and “Some Risk Is Often the Price of Living, Even for Older Adults.”

Elderchicks: A space especially for senior women, this blog provides a space for stories about women living out their retirement years in unique and bold ways, recollections from outside contributors and women-specific insight into current events that impact seniors. The site’s forum is a platform for women to support and inform each other, and the “ElderExperts” section features articles from experts on a range of topics.

SeniorAdvisor.com Blog: SeniorAdvisor.com is a website with tons of resources for aging Americans. The blog includes financial and healthcare information focused on families with someone requiring at least some level of care. From trips to the doctor to finding a care facility for aging parents, this blog has many useful resources for helping relatives age with dignity.

The Upside to Aging: This caregiving blog is written by a woman with over a decade of experience in the caregiving industry. Molly guides readers through useful topics with articles, videos, and other resources. If you are a senior interested in improving your social life, home life, or are a caregiver, this site takes a light approach to dealing with sometimes challenging issues.

Senior Planet: With the tagline “Aging with Attitude” gracing each page, you know you’re not at a typical retiree blog when you land at Senior Planet. Senior Planet has physical locations for events, but the website is a great read on its own. Featuring topics including “news, health, sex and dating, art and design, senior style, travel, and entertainment.” This site is run by the nonprofit Older Adults Technology Services based in New York. 

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