Tax Reform and Life Settlements

Tax Reforms and Life Settlements

Recent reforms have helped increase the popularity of life settlements, since changes to the tax code make it a more favorable option for seniors looking to convert a life insurance policy. Specifically, the March 2018 tax bill included several provisions that should change the way consumers view a potential life settlement, including: Reduction of taxes […]

Help Your Clients Navigate Healthcare Finances

Help Your Clients Navigate Healthcare Finances

For seniors, health concerns often spring up unexpectedly, and the rising and prohibitive costs of quality health care lead to a burdensome financial situation for many people in their retirement years. An AARP study estimated that 65-year-old couples who retired in 2017 would face $275,000 of health care costs during retirement. When health expenses are […]

Value of Money In vs Money Out

Value of Money Out Versus Money In

For life insurance policy holders whose insurance needs have changed, a life settlement could be a profitable and wise option. But with studies showing that 90 percent of seniors who let insurance policies lapse were unaware of the life settlement option and would have considered it had they been informed, advisors must learn the basic […]

Magna Life Settlements

Who Qualifies for a Life Settlement?

As the life settlement market increases in visibility, more and more seniors are learning that a settlement can be a profitable way to get a cash benefit from a life insurance policy. The key to making a decision concerning life insurance options, however, is understanding who is eligible for a life settlement and who is […]

Three Ways the Life Settlement Market is Like Uber

Three Ways the Life Settlement Market is Like Uber

Thanks to the proliferation of services like Uber, Airbnb, Lending Club and a host of others, sharing services have become a multimillion dollar industry. At the heart of the sharing economy is the notion that everyone can benefit when people use the goods or services they don’t need to benefit those who do. The growth […]

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