long term care insurance

Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth It?

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning age 65 every single day for the foreseeable future, the need for long term care will inevitably arise at some point for most of them. And this form of care is very expensive; those who will need nursing home care can expect to easily pay at least $70,000 a year Read more >>

senior discounts

Senior Discounts [Saving Money in Retirement: 2020 Guide]

The rising costs of living can make it hard for older people to make ends meet in many cases. Fortunately, many retailers and other organizations recognize this dilemma for those who may no longer be working by offering what are called senior discounts. These are simply discounts that are given to customers who are of Read more >>

life insurance

How Does Life Insurance Work?

If you will have debts to pay off or loved ones to care for if something happens to you, then you probably need to carry some form of life insurance. Life insurance is a legal contract between the policy owner, the insured (who is also often the policy owner), the insurance carrier and the beneficiary. Read more >>

cash benefit life insurance policy

Cash for Whole Life or Universal Insurance Policy [Guide]

At the time when an individual consults with his family and purchases a life insurance policy, he is often doing the wisest thing possible to protect his loved ones. But the reality is that the necessity of life insurance can diminish over time, especially as the circumstances of the beneficiary change or the premiums become Read more >>

life settlement cash

Selling a Life Insurance Policy For Cash

It is your right to sell a life insurance policy that you no longer need to a 3rd party under the life settlement clause. The sale involves transferring your claim over the expected payout to a third party investor in exchange for cash. The investor offers immediate cash payment (also known as a life insurance Read more >>

life settlement

Cashing In Your Life Insurance Policy

If your bills are piling up on you and you need to get your hands on some cash immediately, then cashing in your life insurance policy may be an option. This would generally only work with some form of cash value policy, such as a whole life or universal life policy or even a variable Read more >>

disability insurance

Disability Insurance

While many consumers consider life insurance to be one of the staples of their personal finances, many of them tend to overlook the risk of becoming unable to work for an extended period of time. This is unfortunate, because statistics show that it is several times more likely that someone will become disabled for a Read more >>

understanding life insurance payouts

Understanding Life Insurance Payouts [2020 Guide]

Life insurance forms the financial backbone for many consumers and their families. Replacing the income that is lost if the primary (or even secondary) breadwinner dies prematurely can be vitally important, especially for young families that depend heavily on the breadwinner’s income for survival.  Beneficiaries of life insurance policies today have more choices about how Read more >>

new york life settlement

Life Settlements in New York

All over New York you have seen TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, and the Internet are abuzz with life settlement promotions. All this publicity and advertising has come about for good reason. Life insurance settlements has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Its popularity stems from the benefits it supplies to seniors and others who no longer Read more >>

Unclaimed Cash in Your Life Insurance Policy

Hidden Unclaimed Cash in Your Life Insurance Policy

For seniors facing mounting healthcare bills and other unexpected retirement expenses, the idea of hidden cash is attractive indeed. But short of a winning lottery ticket or a mythical money tree in the backyard, where would those hidden funds come from? The surprising answer: from a life insurance policy. Despite increasing marketing efforts from life Read more >>

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