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Life Settlement Industry Report – 2018

The dynamic nature of the life settlement market guided the creation of a comprehensive 2018 Life Settlement Industry Report. To present the landscape of the life settlement market as a whole, this report relies on growth data over the past four years as well as the increasingly competitive nature of the industry. A thorough discussion of the three… Download Now >

Has Your Life Insurance Policy Become a Liability?

Many senior Americans are stuck paying premiums on a life insurance policy that no longer serves their needs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a life settlement, that burdensome policy can be transformed from a liability into an asset, and a situation that usually favors the insurance company can shift to provide a windfall for… Download Now >

Know Your Life Insurance Options

Life insurance policyholders are consumers who have the right to know the product they own and the options they have regarding that product, but often insurance companies use such confusing language that their clients feel lost. For seniors, there are really three simple options for a life insurance policy, and the right path could be different for each… Download Now >

Life Settlements: When Do They Work?

Misunderstanding about the life settlement market causes many seniors to disregard what can be an excellent option for an unneeded life insurance policy. Fortunately, the guidelines of life settlements and the variables that affect an individual’s eligibility for a settlement are easy to grasp, and investigating the settlement option can be a difference maker for a senior seeking extra… Download Now >

Life Settlements: Why The Math Works

When life insurance policyholders aren’t informed that a life settlement is an option for them, they could be missing out on a potential windfall. One study shows that 79 percent of seniors wish that their financial advisor had educated them about life settlements. So what does an advocate need to understand about the math behind life settlements to… Download Now >

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