Life Settlement Industry Report - Magna Life Settlements

Life Settlement Industry Report

The dynamic nature of the life settlement market guided the creation of a comprehensive Life Settlement Industry Report. To present the landscape of the life settlement market as a whole, this report relies on growth data over the past four years as well as the increasingly competitive nature of the industry. A thorough discussion of the three Read more >>

architecture bungalow chimney 731082 150x150 - Reverse Mortgage vs. Life Settlement

Reverse Mortgage vs. Life Settlement

According to the National Institute for Retirement Security, the deficit of retirement savings in the United States is between $6.8 and $14 trillion. As the cost of retirement precipitously rises, it’s more important than ever that seniors stay informed about sources of extra income like reverse mortgages and life settlements. The features and requirements of Read more >>

key man insurance 150x150 - How A Life Settlement Can Help Resolve Key Man Insurance Issues

How A Life Settlement Can Help Resolve Key Man Insurance Issues

Key man insurance is often a common strategy to protect the interests of a business, particularly a small business that could be in peril if its founder, president or other key employee passes away suddenly. But what options do a company or retiring key employee have when that policy is no longer necessary? In some Read more >>

Life Insurance Liability - Magna Life Settlements

Has Your Life Insurance Policy Become a Liability?

Many senior Americans are stuck paying premiums on a life insurance policy that no longer serves their needs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a life settlement, that burdensome policy can be transformed from a liability into an asset, and a situation that usually favors the insurance company can shift to provide a windfall for Read more >>

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Know Your Life Insurance Options

Life insurance policyholders are consumers who have the right to know the product they own and the options they have regarding that product, but often insurance companies use such confusing language that their clients feel lost. For seniors, there are really three simple options for a life insurance policy, and the right path could be different for each Read more >>

1.1..13 2 150x150 - Life Settlements: When Do They Work?

Life Settlements: When Do They Work?

Misunderstanding about the life settlement market causes many seniors to disregard what can be an excellent option for an unneeded life insurance policy. Fortunately, the guidelines of life settlements and the variables that affect an individual’s eligibility for a settlement are easy to grasp, and investigating the settlement option can be a difference maker for a senior seeking extra Read more >>

Bankruptcy Soars Among the Elderly

Bankruptcy Soars Among the Elderly

Financial concerns have always been a part of the retirement landscape, but two recent studies indicate a precipitous situation for many seniors, with bankruptcy rates for the over-65 population surpassing those at any other time in history. Some of the most significant data came from a study compiled by four professors in partnership with the Read more >>

How to Navigate Your Expenses in Retirement - Magna Life Settlements

How to Navigate Your Expenses in Retirement

It’s something every adult understands—saving for retirement is a necessity. But beyond the nebulous idea of “putting money away for later,” how much do we really know about the actual costs incurred by American seniors? Retirement expenses are rising, making it more imperative that people over 65 and their advocates understand the details of income Read more >>

NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference

Magna Sponsors NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2018 Conference

Magna Life Settlements will have a strong presence at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) Performance + Purpose 2018 Conference in San Antonio from September 13-16. As a sponsor and participant at the conference, Magna team members will seek opportunities to share information about life settlements with the agents and advisors who Read more >>

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